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IPM donates to local foundations


From the $500,000 the IPM presented:

- Chesley and District Health Services Foundation $40,000 to purchase four ceiling lifts which can be installed in private and semi-private rooms at the hospital, costing about $30,000. The balance of $10,000 will be targeted towards a blood and fluid warmer to warm IV fluid and blood for hypothermia or water accident victims as well as other hospital projects.

- Walkerton and District Health Services Foundation $75,000 to assist them in reaching their goal to purchase a Digital Mammography Machine and the Computer Aided Diagnosis Program. This new mammography machine will decrease the amount of radiation exposed during the time of imaging, increase the comfort level of patients while also allowing for medical staff to remain close to the patient during the exam. By creating improved digital images, it is expected reporting time will be more efficient while also being able to send the images to other health care facilities and their specialists.

- Hanover and District Hospital Foundation $35,000 allowing them to achieve and complete their fundraising goal in order to purchase a new Ultra Sound machine with digital and echocardiogram capabilities. Upgrading from videocassette technology, the new machine will be helpful in a range of situations.

The 2008 IPM was held last September north of Teeswater when more than 94,000 people attended the five-day event. Bruce County IPM organizers credit hosting a successful plowing match with the positive response received from local businesses, volunteers and community organizations.

Hospital officials were pleasantly surprised and very appreciative when learning the amount of support the Hospital Foundation would be receiving at Sunday's event. A total of $822,000 was realized as profit with many community organizations and charities receiving the balance of funds in appreciation for time or services offered at the IPM.


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CKNX Healthcare Heroes Radiothon

The 16th Annual CKNX Health Care Heroes Radiothon was held Saturday October 21, 2017 and aired live on CKNX am 920.  Last year's project, 2 defibrillators for Chesley Hospital have been purchased, received and training completed.  This year's project for the 17th Annual CKNX Radiothon, airing live Saturday, October 20, 2018, is the purchase of 4 new hospital beds, totalling $16,500.  And remember to join us at our Annual BBQ at the Chesley Grocery Store, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. as part of the Radiothon.

Any additional donations for future projects always are welcome.  The Chesley Foundation and Hospital thank CKNX and all who donated.  The patients, staff, volunteers and Foundation are extremely grateful for the strong community support.

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AGM - Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Chesley Hospital Board Room - 7:30 p.m.


Thanks to the generosity of the Chesley community we are funding a Physician Recruiter in the person of Chenelle Monk. For any questions, information or general inquiries Chenelle can be reached at 519-377-2441 or

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