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Past Recipients

We want to congratulate our 2023 Scholarship recipients!

This year the Chesley Hospital Foundation offered two $500 scholarships for grade twelve students looking to pursue an education in healthcare!

Leena’s goal is to become a Pathologists’ Assistant. Leena highlights the value of rural medicine in its ability to offer more personalized care and treatment from staff - which she was able to experience firsthand in her Co-Op with SBGHC at their Walkerton site. Leena hopes her education will prepare her to make an impact in the world of disease prevention and treatment and vaccine development!

Brooklynn also had the opportunity to co-op with SBGHC at the Durham site! Brooklynn will be entering university to obtain a Bachelors in Health Science where she hopes to continue on to become a physician! During her placement Brooklynn also noted the unique atmosphere a rural hospital has to offer for their patients!

All the best to Brooklynn and Leena as they enter their respective programs this fall!