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Stories from the Heart

In Memory of Willa Cluley

As explained during our telephone conversation, we are donating in gratitude for the exceptional care provided to our mother, Willa Cluley, during her stay in Chesley.

Mom had been living in a retirement home but had been struggling throughout 2020 as her needs exceeded what the home was able to provide. She was on a waiting list for a room in Trillium Court. She was beginning to have frequent falls and her health was deteriorating. In August of 2020 she was sent to the Kincardine Hospital after a fall and was deemed to be unable to return to the home. Within a short time, she was transferred to Chesley to await placement in a long-term care home.

When she arrived in Chesley she was in a very bad way and it was expected that her death was imminent.

Under the exceptional care of the staff at Chesley Hospital Mom rebounded both physically and mentally and was able to enjoy a quality of life she had not had for some time. She was transferred to Trillium Court in late January of 2021 and passed away on February 5. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she would not have recovered to such an extent had she not been relocated to Chesley, and I will be forever grateful to the staff in Chesley. I had the opportunity to visit Mom last September (at which time she was still in very bad shape), and I was comforted by the fact that Mom had a lovely room with a large window through which she could see trees.

The staff was caring, compassionate and kind to both my mom and myself. For the duration of her stay in Chesley I called every day for a short chat and the nurse on duty was always willing to go down to her room and help Mom with the telephone. As I waited for them to get the phone up to Mom's ear, I could hear them speaking with her and it was always with kindness and patience.

A friend from Kincardine who was able to visit Mom always commented on how fantastic the staff were. It is this experience which has made my sister and I wish to support the Chesley Hospital Foundation. As I live in Timmins and my sister is on Vancouver Island, we were unable to visit (aside from my brief visit in September) and relied entirely on the hospital staff to care for Mom It is a credit to your staff that we had complete confidence in them. We are very thankful that Mom was transferred to Chesley. We hope that our donation might be of some assistance in allowing you to continue to provide outstanding service to your patients.

Yours truly, Ruth Cluley

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