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Get Involved

 There are ways other then personal donations to support healthcare in your community. Please consider supporting the Chesley Hospital Foundation by:


Do you have a fundraising idea you'd like to work on? Maybe it's organizing a dance, having a bake sale, or a brand new idea. The Chesley Hospital Foundation would love to work with you to bring your fundraising event to life. By creating a personal fundraising event you'll become part of an invaluable collection of individuals, corporate and community groups who are dedicated to making a difference through the Chesley Hospital Foundation


At the 2023 Gala, many community businesses made the event possible with their sponsorship. New events are in the works and if you're interested in being a sponsor of a future event, please contact us to make sure you are in the know. When you sponsor an event, your logo will be on our social media and website as well as at the event.


Get Your Company Involved

Show your customers and employees what a great corporate citizen you are, through your support for the Chesley Hospital Foundation. Volunteer programs through work are becoming more popular and can be utilized to give back to the community. We'd be happy to partner with you on an event or donation photo to achieve our mutual goals.


Donate goods or services

Your donation of goods or services can raise money for urgently needed medical & diagnostic equipment, by inspiring spirited bidding at charity auctions held during special events. 

Contact Us to get started!